• Welcome to <span>IPT</span><span>Chicago</span>
    Welcome to IPTChicago

    Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT) uses a unique integrated approach to PT, combining the Western knowledge of the body with the Eastern view of how energy moves through the body.

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  • How can PT<span> Help</span><span> You?</span>
    How can PT Help You?

    Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT) will help relieve body aches and pain, release restrictions in movement, improve postural alignment, and rehabilitate after surgery. Our goal is to leave you feeling restored, with better alignment, and knowing how to prevent further injury.

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  • What is <span>Zero</span><span> Balancing?</span>
    What is Zero Balancing?

    Zero Balancing (ZB) is the art and science of using skilled touch to address the relationship between energy and structure in the body, focusing on key joints that conduct and balance the forces of gravity, posture and movement.

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Is PT for You?

    • Experiencing aches and pains?
    • Do you have restricted movement?
    • Are you feeling restricted functionally?

What to Expect

    • What to expect during your first visit.
    • How long is the initial evaluation?
    • What do I need to bring to a PT session?


    • Do I need a prescription?
    • Will my insurance cover PT?
    • Is there a cash discount?